Call to Action: HB 511

Tell your legislator to advance

House Bill 511

Strategic Transportation Investment Act

It’s time to act. This year, right now, BikeWalkNC has been successful in creating a bill that will restore access to state transportation dollars without disrupting the prioritization process for state, regional and local projects.

Our Representatives (Email is Linked):

Deanna Ballard
Ray Pickett

Possible Draft Message

Dear ____________,

I am writing to urge you to support House Bill 511 to authorize the Strategic Transportation Investments Act and restore dedicated funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects. Walking and cycling have experienced an unprecedented boom during the COVID-19 pandemic and our communities need safe and functional bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure more than ever. Communities that invest in bike/ped infrastructure enjoy tremendous health, social, and economic benefits. HB 511 would provide an independent funding source so that more bike/ped projects can be realized and enjoyed for generations. Please support HB 511.

Thank you,